Manage and track communication with your customers

Contact Details

Record and manage your customer contact details as well as maintain a complete contact history.

Each account can have multiple contacts recording Name, Position, Department, Phone, Mobile and Email address.

Contact details can also be used for marketing activities and keeping you customers up to date with new models, services, news and events.

Integrate with specialist contact management systems such as contact online allowing customer details to be automatically pushed into the DMS.


Start a new thread to keep track of each communication topic with your customer, whether it’s a follow-up or a sales lead.

A thread allows you to record details of every contact with you customer.

Threads can be closed and allocated a predefined resolution, allowing you to track the outcome of sales enquires and ensure all issues are resolved to the customers satisfaction.

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Schedule Follow-ups

Threads can be scheduled for a future date, allowing you to book a sales call or a follow-up. Closed threads can also be scheduled to automatically reopen on a specified date.

A list of open and pending threads can be displayed at any time. This allows each user to see which calls they need to make. Opportunities to follow up on, or problems to resolve.

Good CRM will ensure you maximise every sales opportunity and keep you customers happy and informed.

SMS & Email

Send notifications directly to your customers mobile phone with 1 click. Allowing your workshop manager to inform a customer that their vehicle is ready for collection.

Automatically email or text customers when their backordered parts have come in, or when their order has been dispatched.

Email copy invoices to your customer with 1 click. No more printing, scanning and attaching.

All email and SMS contacts are automatically logged in the customers contact history.

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Turn Leads into Sales

Setup custom make and model criteria to record what vehicle(s) a potential customer is interested in purchasing.

When a new vehicle comes onto stock instantly see which customers have enquired after similar vehicles.

Quickly transform leads into sales.

Match leads to customers
Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

Manage your customer appointments and automatic follow ups which CloudDMS’s comprehensive scheduling features.

Assign appointments or call backs to specific members of staff.

Record customer notes and vehicles of interest.

Record, set and assign tasks using ‘to do’ lists.

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CloudDMS Contact Management

Exploit sales leads and manage customer issues

Contact Details

Record phone, mobile and email details


Keep track of what was said, by who, when.


Schedule follow-up contacts


Notify you customer via SMS directly from the DMS


Sent the customer updates, copy invoices via Email directly from the DMS


Track how sales opportunities and complaints are handled and closed.

To Do

View lists of open threads so you know who is waiting on you


Keep you customers informed and up to date

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