Bullet proof stock control

Marine, Equipment Stock Records

Detailed stock records for outboards, boats, trailers, electrical equipment or any other user definable stock type.

Keep track of all internal costs including bringing a part exchange up the required level for resale.

Instantly see the age of your stock as well as all associated financial details including managing any stocking plan details.

Upload your stock to your website automatically.

  • New, Used & Qualifying
  • Definable fields
  • Internal Work
  • Images
  • Outboards
  • Personal Water Craft
  • Boats
  • Trailers
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Product Records

Keep track of all the essential information regarding your parts stock holding. Record serial numbers if required for every item as well as order, purchase, booking in, sale and dispatch details.

Stock records can be loaded from CSV or excel files. We can also provide up to date pricing information for most suppliers in the marine industry.

Products can have multiple suppliers as well as multiple selling prices. Major stock items like outboards can also have internal costs allocated against them.

  • Parts & Equipment
  • Non-stockables
  • Product kits
  • Min/Max levels
  • Supersessions
  • Stock taking
  • Serial Numbers
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Multiple stock depots
  • Images

Goods In and Out

Streamlined goods inward and outward procedures ensure stock moves cleanly and efficiently through your business.

Products booked in or out of the system record all key information including user agent, date/time and costs.

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Comprehensive reporting

Stock reporting allows you to instantly know stock values, fast stock and dead stock.

Calculate stock re-order levels based on stock turns or predicted demand. Stock valuations can be run for any point in time and organised by bin, brand or purchase nominal.

All reports can be exported to CSV, Excel or the clipboard.

Shadow Price Files

In the current business environment, its crucial to ensure you are selling at the right price.

For selected major suppliers CloudDMS can automatically update your pricing information to ensure you always have the correct selling and buying price.

We can provide shadow files for most major suppliers and manufacturer in the Motorcycle, Marine and ATV industries.

Pricing information can also be manually uploaded from an excel spreadsheet at any time.

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  • BRP
  • IBS
  • JOBE
  • SMG

Goods Inward

Book stock in by purchase order or SKU

Goods Outward

Dispatch stock by SKU or sales invoice

Shadow Files

Price files for most major motorcycle and marine suppliers


Full barcode support


Keep on top of changing product part numbers


Stock value, fast & dead stock


Find products by SKU or barcode

Stock Take

Streamlined stock taking